Our history

In 2003, by initiative of the Progreso community began the protection of natural resources with greater emphasis on sea turtles, since we noticed its affectation by natural predation and poaching.

One of the ways for our program to work has been the support of volunteers who, together with the locals, have made an effort to conserve the biodiversity of the area.

Some of the ways we work are doing patrols, beach monitoring, hatchery construction, nest relocation, turtle release, beach cleaning, community works, among others ...


 Our main goal is to protect most of the sea turtle nests found in our Drake beach (3.5 km) and Ganado beach (4 km) besides and to support our local entrepreneurs in their ecotourism projects.


Conserve at least 90% of turtle nests and thus stop the extinction of this species. 

With the help of volunteers, keep our beaches as clean as possible and get our ecological blue flag.

We want more people to join our volunteer program and become more involved in the conservation of our natural resources, so that, our camp maintains a familiar and peaceful atmosphere.